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Advantages of Freedom Title Loans

We know you have options when looking for a car title loan. At Freedom Title Loans we want your business! We differentiate ourselves through our service and options:

Any Car—Get Up to $750 (and up to $25,000) for a Car Title Loan

Any Car—Up to $750

At Freedom Title Loans, if you have a car, we have a car title loan for you! We can provide loans on almost ANY car, regardless of the year, mileage, or condition. If you have a paid off car and you can legally drive it to our store, we can loan you up to $750 as a minimum and up to $25,000 as a maximum. As always, the total amount and conditions we can loan varies by state so visit or call your local store for an estimate for your car.

Many Ways to Pay

Many Ways to Pay

Some lenders only accept cash at the office. We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks and in many states, debit cards! Paying with a debit card saves you a trip into the store to make your payment. We can take your information over the phone or set up automatic monthly payments. Some stores may require a processing fee for debit card transactions.

No Insurance Required Car Title Loans

No Insurance Required

While some lenders require insurance or require that you purchase their road side assistance protection in order to get a car title loan, we don’t! No insurance required—Period. Our goal is to get you the funds you need, not sell you insurance.

We Will Work with You

We Will Work with You

Life happens. Things happen. We understand that. If you find yourself short one month, call us, we will do everything we can to work with you and your circumstances.

You Keep Your Car

You Keep Your Car

When you get a title loan with Freedom Title Loans your car remains your car; you keep it, you drive it! We hold onto the car title while the loan is outstanding. Once the car title loan is paid back, the car title is yours.

No Credit Check Car Title Loans

No Credit Check

We do not check your credit when you get a loan. We do not report your loan to a credit agency. Your car title loan is based on the value of your car and your ability to pay the car title loan back. That’s all there is to it—bad credit or no credit, not an issue!

$100 for Referring a Friend to Freedom Title Loans

$100 for Referring a Friend

We appreciate your business and show our appreciation when you spread the word. Regardless if you are a customer or not, send in a friend (who hasn’t had a loan with us before), and if your friend gets a $500 or greater car title loan from us, we’ll give you $100 cash as our way to say thanks!

Foreign ID’s OK for Car Title Loans

Foreign ID’s OK

We require a valid government issued ID, we just don’t care what government issues the ID. Your current Foreign ID is fine with us.

What to Bring

You need to bring in a few things to get a car title loan from us:







We don’t check credit or require insurance. Nobody makes it easier!

* Loan approval subject to vehicle inspection, income verification, application approval and state specific guidelines. You must be at least 18 years of age.