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Freedom Title Loans – Idaho Locations

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Boise, Idaho


6927 West Fairview Avenue
Boise, Idaho 83704


Nampa, Idaho


421 Caldwell Boulevard, #101
Nampa, Idaho 83651


Back in 1974, when Evil Kneivel attempted to jump the Snake River, Idaho became well known for this feat. And while people may think of this and let’s face it, potatoes, when they think of Idaho, Idaho offers such beauty. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area itself offers 652,488 acres of outdoor opportunity – whitewater boating, horseback riding, hiking, but what are Idahoans to do when debt falls on their lap? When their credit score isn’t good? When they just don’t know where to turn? Well they shouldn’t attempt a stunt like Evil Kneivel, but they should enjoy some French fries (sorry for the potato joke), and enjoy the scenery because there is quick cash available from Freedom Title Loans. The reason why bad credit doesn’t matter is because at Freedom Title Loans we don’t do credit checks. All we care about is that you have a car, with a clean title, that you have an ID and that you want a car title loan. If you have those things you can get quick cash to take care of that debt. And then with that worry off your mind you can enjoy all of the beauty that Idaho has to offer.