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  • Get up to $750 on any car

    ...and up to $25,000*

    *Promotions and/or total dollar amount loaned may vary by state.

    Even this one
  • Low Rate Guarantee!*

    Show us a lower rate and we'll match.*

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How Much Money
Can I Get?



Any CarTitle loans on any car!That’s right any car!

Regardless of year, mileage, or condition of your car, you can get a car title loan from us! If your car is paid off and you can legally drive it to our store, we will loan you the most amount possible with the least amount of requirements.

Step 1: Freedom Title Loans on any car

Easy Process

No credit check.No insurance required.

Getting a car title loan could not be easier in Idaho. If your car is paid off and you have the car title and an ID, you are on your way. Just stop in and get the process started. No credit check! No insurance needed! In most cases, out of state plates or temporary tags are not a problem.

Step 2: Bring in Your ID


Step 2: Bring in Your Car Title


Step 2: Get Cash for Car Title Loans

Low Interest

Low rates. Refinance with us.

Freedom Title Loans is proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the car title loan industry in Idaho. Whether you seek a new car title loan or want to refinance an existing car title loan, come see us*. When you need cash fast, and want the lowest rate possible, bring your car title to Freedom Title Loans.

Step 3: Low Interest Car Title Loans

More Cash

Bigger loans. Fewer requirements.

Car title loans are all we do, so we can loan more money with less requirements. While other companies require you to bring in your car for a quote, we’ll provide an estimate right here on our website*. We make this process as easy for you as possible. Don’t settle for second best, work with the specialists! Apply Now!

Step 4: Bigger Car Title Loans

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  •                          Arizona
  •                          Delaware
  •                          Georgia
  •                          Idaho
  •                          Illinois
  •                          Kansas
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*We operate as American Title Loans outside of Idaho